My name is Tanya.

Here’s a little of my story....

I have always recognized the abundance and joy of life, but my journey has not always been one without grief and turmoil. I knew how to be happy; I did not know how to live “grief”. 

There was a time when I had no skills or tools to face the grief that came with life or to have the knowledge that I could find happiness in the midst of my pain.

I have fond memories of living a happy and secure childhood. I was still studying and very young when I fell in love, married and started my family. 

I loved my life and we had two beautiful sons. 

As our lives progressed I experienced the ups and downs of life’s journey, excitement and happiness and eventually the sadness and loss that come with family breakdown. For our family, this situation also brought the trauma and reverberating consequence of my children’s father suicide and the life changing impact this tragedy had on the people around us. We worked and lived through the challenge of living, as so many of us do. 

A semblance of balance and order eventually resumed. 

Three years later I experienced grief in a way I had not anticipated, the death of my son in a motor cycle accident shattered my very existence.  I was totally ignorant and had absolutely no knowledge of how we would or could ever survive this additional layer of life and/or if I even wanted to. 

Fast forward several years, I have experienced recovery through grief and difficult life circumstances to now live a life I love. I still live with loss and pain as well as joy and happiness and life is great. 

After seeking ways to improve my life and others, I now facilitate programs, training and workshops for individuals and organisations to deal with losses of all kinds with the knowledge and awareness that recovery from significant loss is available. 

As a certified practitioner and coach, I have accreditation as the only Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® in Tasmania who is qualified to deliver the Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program®. 

Be one of the first to experience this alternative to traditional grief and loss counselling in Tasmania.