About Tanya

Staff Photos 004 (2)My name is Tanya and I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

I have experienced recovery through grief and difficult life circumstances to now live a life I love.  I am passionate about helping you to achieve transformation in your personal life to learn some of the things that helped me move beyond my losses.

Here’s a little of my story ….

I have always recognised the abundance and joy of life, but my journey has not always been one in which I easily found happiness and peace.

I have fond memories of living a happy and secure childhood filled with love and laughter.  I was young and still studying when I fell in love with my husband, I was married to a man I adored and we had two beautiful sons, by first born Cain, and then my younger son Thom.          I loved my life.

The reality and experience of life, including the grief and loss of my relationship, my marriage  breakdown and divorce; including the consequence of my husband’s suicide and its impact on my children, family and friends around me was shattering.

My faith and security in life and myself crumbled.  My younger son struggled.  He used any substance available to block his pain, my elder son became the “strength and rock” in our world as we all struggled in our attempt to control the situation we found ourselves in.

Then, my world, as I knew it, would once again change beyond recognition.

One day by beautiful, “strong rock in our world” Cain never made it home.  He had a motor bike accident and died.  Life was overwhelming.  I never thought we would get through it.  I was not sure that either Thom or I would, or could, ever survive.

The loving support of some very special and amazing people helped me grieve, I am eternally grateful to these very special people who were there for me at this difficult time.

I had an overwhelming need to validate Cain’s life and to support Thom.

I volunteered and worked on several programs over the next few years searching for ways to manage my feelings of loss and utter despair.  I experienced grief in a way that I never anticipated.

So, you can see that I understand just how hard it can be to pick yourself up and move forward.  You don’t want to forget, but to accept.  Those experiences become a part of who you are, they shape you and build your character.

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