Trauma Informed Care and the Grief Recovery Method

Trauma is real and painful. The grief that happens as the result of trauma is also real and painful. Trauma-Informed Care is an important topic, so let’s talk about how the Grief Recovery Method can work with TIC and the emotional effects of trauma. What is trauma?...

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21 things not to say to some-one going through a breakup

If you’ve ever gone through a breakup you know how painful it can be. Not only did you lose someone you opened up to emotionally, but the habits and routines you shared together changed. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, you realized the hopes, dreams, and...

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Six ways to stay focussed at work during a breakup

Are you going through a breakup? Is it difficult for you to concentrate? That’s normal. Breakups can feel like the whole world is crashing around you. The hopes, dreams, and expectations you had for your future are crushed. Everything you see and hear triggers...

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Complicated grief

The term “complicated grief” was introduced in the 1990’s. It was designed to define grief that persists over an extended period of time and completely overwhelm a person’s ability to function in day-to-day life. The DSM-5 added this term to its list of mental health...

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Why we need to talk about SUICIDE

The aftermath of suicide impacts irrevocably on families, friends, and community. More than 3000 people a year end their own lives in Australia and that figure has been increasing with valid concerns that suicide rates could rise due to COVID-19.  This leaves us...

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When the World Grieves

Here at the Grief Recovery Method, we know people are impacted by events that happen in the world. As humans, we all experience painful feelings when something devastating takes place. We all experience grief when our hopes, dreams, or expectations surrounding a...

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Grief and Disappointment

You didn’t get that job They didn’t accept your offer on the housE You may regard these disappointments as “just a part of life”. Nevertheless, they can still affect us deeply. We may ask ourselves why we’re so bothered about something we never really had in the first...

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Grief when you’re looking for love

Alone on that special day ... Your birthday - an anniversary - Valentine's Day - New Year's Eve? Some special days and events are powerful reminders of the fact that someone very important is missing from our life, Days such as Valentine's Day, birthdays and...

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The 8 best ways to help some-one who has lost a child

Do you know someone whose child died? Are you wondering what to say to them or how you can help? If you don’t know what to say to heartbroken parents after the loss of a child, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you! Most of us were not taught how to help...

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